1. The OGGI NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH PIZZA CONTEST is held by Oggi Foods Inc and District 3 Media for the benefit of Oggi Foods Inc. and Fornoteca, and takes place in Canada excluding residents in the province of Quebec from October 2nd 6:00 PM to October 31st 11:59 PM (EST) (the “Contest Period”).
    Participants must reside in Canada outside of the province of Quebec and have reached the age of majority (of their province or territory of residence) as of the date of their participation in the contest. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contest is not open to contest persons. Accordingly, the following persons are not eligible for the Contest: (a) the directors, employees, representatives, owners of (i) Oggi Foods and its affiliated companies and agencies; (ii) prize suppliers and (iii) any other company associated with the contest. (b) immediate family members (spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter) of the persons indicated in point a) and (c) persons living under the same roof as the persons referred to in point (a). Each participant has the duty to respect the legal framework defined by this regulation:
    No purchase required.To enter the contest and win a chance to win one of the two (2) Fornoteca ovens, participatns will (i) post a photo of (ii) their pizza creation on Facebook wall or post to Instagram (@oggifoods) of Oggi Foods.Participation may be refused or rejected if: (ii) it is received late, has been falsified, illegible; (iii) it has been submitted or produced by script, macro-control, robotic reproduction, programming or any other automated means, or (iv) it does not comply with these Official Rules. In addition, potentially racist, homophobic or violence-promoting causes of any kind will be withdrawn from the Oggi Foods Facebook page and will cancel the participation of the author of this publication.
  4. To be valid, all publications (photos) must be received no later than 11:59 ET on October 31, 2019. There is a limit of one (1) entry per person per Facebook account and/or Insatagram. For clarity, if several otherwise eligible people share a single Facebook/Instagram account, only one of these people can enter the contest; if someone has multiple Facebook/Instagram accounts, they can only enter the contest once. Anyone using more than one account top enter this contest will be disqualified.
  5. Images and comments become the property of Oggi Foods and will not be returned to participants. Odds of winning a prize are directly related to the number of eligible photos received.
  6. One entry per person throughout this contest.
    To win: Two (2) @Fornoteca Duetto ovens valued at $2500 each (courtesy of Fornoteca) drawn from the people who posted on Oggi Foods Facebook or Instagram (@Oggifoods). The value of the prize excludes the delivery costs that will be borne by the holder of this contest,
  8. The following conditions apply to the prize:
    i. The prize is non-redeemable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.
    ii. Oggi Foods agrees to give the winners their prize within 60 days of the end of the contest.
  9. By participating entrants agree to be bound by the rules of this contest and the decisions of the independent organizers of this contest. In addition participants agree that, withoutremuneration, their personal information will be used for advertising campaigns, including the promoter’s website.This contest is not managed or sponsored by Facebook. The information you provide is owned by Oggi Foods and not Facebook. The information you provide will only be used
    by Oggi Foods.
    From November 1st – November 7th 2019, Oggi Foods and Fornoteca will review ALL pizza photo submissions at the offices of Oggi Foods (8790 Rue Champ D’eaiu, Montreal QC, H1P2Y8). On November 8th at 12:00 noon ET, Two (2) entries will be chosen based on the skill of submission.
    i. Creativity of pizza
    a. Ingredients used
    ii. Quality of pizza presentation
    a. If the pizza looks appetizing
    The skill of the entry photos will be judged by Five (5) representatives from both Oggi Foods Inc. and Fornoteca on a basis of 1 to 10 : 1 being little skill and 10 being top skill. The two photos with the highest scores (closest to 10) tallied by all Five (5) judges will win the Fornoteca ovens (one each).
  11. The top two skilled entrants will be contacted by Facebook within one hour of the draw. Winners must accept the prize in its entirety and confirm that they have complied in good faith with the rules of this contest. If the winners can not comply with the rules or if the participants chosen may not be contacted within 48 hours of the selection, a new winner will be selected.
    The winners must sign a document attesting to their eligibility, as specified in paragraph 2 of this By-law, and releasing Oggi Foods, its affiliated companies and agenices, as well as its directors, officers and respective employees from all liability any damage or kloss resulting from participating in this contest resulting from the award, acceptance or use of the prize.
  13. If unable to provide the prize as described in this By-law, Oggi Foods, its affiliated companies and agencies, and its respective directors, officers and employees reserve the right to substitute, in whole or in part , the price for one or more prices of approximately equivalent value.
  14. Refusal to accept the prize releases Oggi Foods, its affiliated companies and agencies, as well as its directors, officers and respective employees from any liability or obligation towards the winner.
  15. Any false statement by a participant will automatically result in disqualification from this contest.
  16. Oggi Foods, its affiliated companies and agencies, as well as its respective directors, officers and employees, assume no liability for any loss, delay, errors in physical address or email received, errors printing, technical, computer or telephone problems, broken software or hardware, fraudulent calls or any other error.
  17. Oggi Foods, its affiliated companies and agencies, and its respective directors, officers and employees assume no responsibility whatsoever for any reason whatsoever in which their inability to act results from a fact or an unforeseeable situation or out of their control including a strike, a lockout or any other labor dispute in their establishment or in the establishments of the organizations or companies whose services are used for the holding of this contest.
  18. The personal information of the Facebook profile is collected solely for the purpose of administering this contest and will not be used for any other purpose without consent.
  19. In providing this information, participants consent to their use for the purposes indicated.
  20. Participation in this contest implies acceptance of these rules, the application of which is the responsibility of the organizer of this contest. All these decisions are final.
  21. This contest is under the responsibility of Oggi Foods Inc.
  22. This contest is open to residents of Canada outside of Quebec only.
  23. The “National Pizza Month” contest is under the responsibility of Oggi Foods Inc. Duly registered at 8790 Rue Champ D’eau, Montreal Qc, H1P 2Y8. For any questions regarding the conduct of this contest, we invite people to contact Oggi Foods at marketing@oggifoods.com